Average California marijuana prices: Where to shop

california marijuana prices

Overall you can expect to pay an average of around $16 a gram or $283 an ounce in California. That’s slightly higher than what you would have paid at this time last year, when the average for a gram was $14.

Since recreational cannabis became legal on January 1, 2018, cannabis prices have inched up in California. That’s largely because there’s now a 15% excise tax on recreational marijuana. And that doesn’t include local government taxes.

What else could be driving retail cannabis prices higher? There are simply too few dispensaries in the state right now. The licensing process for shops has been slow, and several large areas of California have closed themselves off to cannabis dispensaries.

“It’s a circus. Legalization is not going well,” Allen told Leafly in a recent interview, ticking off his reasons why. “There are way too few retailers in the state. The regulated market has actually contracted, while, at the same time, regulated supply has expanded.”

Fortunately, history is often a solid predictor of where prices will go. And chances are, if California turns out like other states that have legalized cannabis, consumers will only have to ride out these higher prices for the next six months to a year.

But keep in mind that these are average California marijuana prices. Savvy shoppers can almost always find better deals.

Finding a legal shop

There simply aren’t enough dispensaries in California to keep up with the demand.

For example, despite the more than 4 million people in the Greater Los Angeles area, there are only 186 legal cannabis shops.

That means it’s easy to come across unlicensed shops selling products that could be contaminated with pesticides, mildew, parasites or mold.

We only list licensed dispensaries on MarijuanaRates.com. But it’s important to ask the store if their licensed before you buy. Ask to see their license number.

Cannabis in Los Angeles

It’ll cost you an average of $14 per gram in Los Angeles overall, or $283 per ounce.

Check out our post on the best recreational dispensaries in Los Angeles.

Here are a few recreational dispensaries in Los Angeles:

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