Average Colorado marijuana prices and where to shop

Colorado Marijuana Prices

You’ll find that Colorado marijuana prices vary by city, strain, season, supply and other variables. But overall you can expect to pay an average of $12 per gram and $186 per ounce.

So far this year, Colorado marijuana prices have remained fairly steady, with the average hovering between $11 and $12 per gram.

That’s certainly a boon if you’re in the market to pick up some cannabis.

Still, it’s important to remember that these are averages. Savvy shoppers can almost always find better deals.

Here are the average marijuana prices in Colorado:

Area Gram Ounce
State average $12 $186
Denver $12 $151
Fort Collins $12 $220

1. Average marijuana prices in Denver

You can pick up a gram of cannabis for an average of about $12 in Denver, about the same you would have paid at this time last year. It’ll cost you an average of about $151 per ounce. But you can find dispensaries offering a gram for at least $5 less just by shopping around.

Dispensary Gram
Lieffa $7
Green Dragon $7
The Green Solution $7

2. Average marijuana prices in Boulder

You’ll find that Boulder is a little pricier than other cities in Colorado. For those of you familiar with the state, that probably won’t come as a surprise. Historically, you’d pay an average of about $12 for a gram and $161 for an ounce. Check out the dispensaries below offering great deals.

Dispensary Gram
The Green Room $9
Verde Natural $10
14er Boulder $9

3. Average marijuana prices in Colorado Springs

You’ll pay an average of around $13 per gram in Colorado Springs. Fortunately, you can find better deals by shopping around.

Dispensary Gram
JP Wellness $7
Grow Life $8
The Street Stash $6

4. Average marijuana prices in Fort Collins

You can expect to pay around $12 per gram in Fort Collins. If you’re buying an ounce, plan on paying more around $220 on average. Shopping around in Fort Collins can save you somewhere around $2 to $3 per gram.

Dispensary Gram
Organic Alternatives $10
Aces Place $7

5. Average marijuana prices in Aurora

If you’re shopping around for a gram in Aurora, you’ll pay an average of around $12 per gram. Picking up an ounce? Expect to pay more like $161 on average. Fortunately, you’ll find some better deals out there. Shopping around can save you somewhere around $5 per gram.

Dispensary Gram
Green Dragon $7
Lightshade $9

The top strains in Colorado and their prices

Blue Dream is undeniably one of the top strains in Colorado, but it’s also a popular strain nationwide.¬†You can pick up Blue Dream for an average of $12 per gram in Denver.

OG Kush, another popular strain, goes for an average of around $14 in Denver.

And Sour Diesel, a strain that’s often in demand, goes for an average of about $11 in Denver.

The point is, prices vary by location and strain. If you’re looking for the best deals, it pays to shop around.

Methodology: MarijuanaRates surveys dispensaries in areas throughout the nation monthly. Using that data, we calculate a price average for each city and state. National averages are based on overall state averages throughout the nation. City averages are based on overall city averages through a particular state. These averages do not include taxes, which vary from state-to-state and city-to-city.

Last updated July 2019

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