Los Angeles marijuana prices: Where to shop this summer

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Consumers on the hunt for cannabis in Los Angeles will find that prices are slightly higher than they were at this time last year. The average for a gram of cannabis in Los Angeles is $14, up about $1 since summer 2018. 

Fortunately, prices have dropped since the beginning of summer when they shot up to $20 per gram.

Savvy shoppers can find a gram for even less than average.

In fact, the average cost for a gram at some dispensaries is as little as $9.

You can also find some great deals on larger quantities.

For instance, the average for an ounce of marijuana in Los Angeles is $254. Yet some shops are offering an ounce for at least $60 less than that average.

Here are the average prices for cannabis in the City of Angels:



Where to shop for the best prices:

LA Cannabis Co is offering some of the best deals in the area. You’ll find a gram for around $11 less than average.

Of course, medical marijuana prices are similar in lower quantities. You’ll start seeing bigger savings when you get up into the higher weights.

Medical Cargivers Co is offering an ounce for an average of around $202. That’s around $50 less than average and a savings of somewhere around $600 per year, if you purchase an ounce per month.

Here are a few dispensaries offering great prices:

  • LA Cannabis Co: $9 average per gram
  • Mary Janes: $9 average per gram
  • BARC: $11 average per gram

Know a dispensary that’s offering a better deal? We encourage you to shop around and report back. Leave a comment on this post and give us, and other recreational users and patients, the details.

Choosing a dispensary

Not all flowers and cannabis products are created equal. Growers have different methods. A particular strain or product at one dispensary might be more enjoyable than the same strain at another dispensary.

Fortunately, there’s a great way to try out different products without breaking the bank. Many dispensaries offer daily, weekly and monthly deals on certain quantities and strains.

And don’t forget that being a member at your favorite dispensary can save you some major cash on your favorite strains over the long-haul — somewhere around 10%.

Keep in mind that dispensaries quickly run out of the most popular strains. Give your local dispensary a call, or email, to see if they have a particular strain in stock before you make the trip.

Methodology: MarijuanaRates surveys dispensaries in areas throughout the nation monthly. Using that data, we calculate a price average for each city and state. National averages are based on overall state averages throughout the nation. City averages are based on overall city averages through a particular state. These averages do not include taxes, which vary from state-to-state and city-to-city.

Last updated July 2019. 

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