White Widow prices: What you’ll pay in March 2017

White Widow prices

The cost of cannabis is on the decline nationwide, and that includes White Widow prices. You can now pick up this popular balanced hybrid strain for a national average of $11.50 per gram, less than you could find it for last month.

Looking for a larger quantity? Expect to pay around $173 for an ounce — that’s the national average. But keep in mind that White Widow prices, like all strains, vary based on your location, the dispensary and availability. 

That makes it crucial to comparison shop. You can our cannabis comparison tool to find the best White Widow prices in your area of the nation.

Here are White Widow prices in four cities:

Average White Widow Prices
Location Gram Ounce
National $11.50 $173
Denver $11.50 $196
Portland $8 $173
Seattle $14 $NA

1. White Widow prices in Denver

You’ll pay an average of around $11.50 for a gram of White Widow in Denver. For an ounce, the average is around $196. Those prices are right around the national average for this strain. Fortunately, you can find several dispensaries beating those averages. Denver is full of dispensaries these days, so make sure to comparison shop before you head out to buy. It can save you some serious cash in the Mile High City.

White Widow prices in Portland, Oregon

The average for a gram of White Widow in Portland is $8. You’ll pay around $173 for an ounce. Here’s a tip. Look for deals at dispensaries throughout the week in Portland. Many dispensaries offer generous deals on top strains like White Widow, and you can wind up saving a lot of money just by doing a quick search online.

White Widow prices in Seattle

If you’re looking to pick up a gram of White Widow in Seattle, you can expect to pay an average of around $14. That’s the priciest on our list. But there are a few dispensaries in the area offering this strain for a couple of bucks less.

Why you should comparison shop

Saving a few bucks here or there doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it adds up quick. In fact, if you buy cannabis in larger quantities — say, a half or more — you can save thousands a year by shopping around. That depends on your location, the strain you’re purchasing and the dispensary.

You can use our search tool to find prices in your area of the country.

Where to find deals

Many dispensaries offer daily, weekly and monthly deals on certain quantities and strains. And becoming a member at your favorite dispensary can save you around 10% on purchases.

Give your local dispensary a call, or email, to see if they have a particular strain or deal in stock before you make the trip.

Ways to consume

It’s now legal in many states to consume your favorite strains in several different ways. But for the added safety and convenience they provide, we think vaporizers are one of the best ways to go.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to vapes — portables, pen vapes, tanks and desktop products.

One of our favorites is the all new PAX 3, which right now comes with free shipping.

Want to make shopping for cannabis easier?

Disclaimer: While we do our very best to guarantee that our prices are accurate and that the dispensaries listed carry these strains, prices and stock may change frequently. The dispensaries on our list either currently offer these strains or have offered them in the past. Check with the dispensary before making the trip.

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